St. Martin’s Centre, as it’s affectionately called, is a Non Profit Organisation run by the Brother Dominic Chihota and his team. It is about 12 kilometres from Springs town; it takes care of about 300 children between the ages of 4 and 17, whose parents have been infected by HIV and some kids living with the virus. A good number of the kids do not fall into any of these categories but are just vulnerable. It has 40 working staff of whom some are care-givers, cooks, administrators, gardeners and a driver. Brother Dominic Chihota, OP is the director of the centre and works every day of the week since the programme runs throughout the week.

On Wednesday the 9th of December, the centre organized a Christmas party for the kids who visit the centre. The day begun with the celebration of the Mass by Fr. Chaka Montanyane OP. The rest of the activities proceeded afterwards; the kids were entertained by music and dance, drama, food, drinks and were also given miniature hampers as Christmas gifts from the centre. Although the centre has gone into recess for the year, activities still go on but not full time.




As part of the Jubilee celebration, Fr Joe has produced an informative 16 page pamphlet entitled “The Dominican Order turns 800 years old – How did it come to South Africa?” It has been proofread by several of the brethren and is presently in line for printing. A lot of work has gone into this publication which we hope our brothers and sisters will promote and sell. More information about this when it is finally published.

Following on from our annual meeting at la Verna, Vanderbijlpark, where pre-chapter commissions were set up to discuss matters relating to Dominican government, apostolic life, economic matters, common life, formation and studies, seven brothers representing the more than 30 Dominican Friars in southern Africa, are gathering at their Priory in Pietermaritzburg for the week 24 – 30 January for their elective chapter.  They will elect a new vicar general and make resolutions about matters discussed at their annual meeting and of concern for the future of this vicariate.

A Dominican chapter is the highest authority in a province or vicariate until the new provincial or vicar general is sworn in.  One might wonder how it is that the number of chapter members is so small. Dominicans pride themselves in being the originators of democracy and we entrust our representatives with a mandate to speak for us and decide on leadership, and define and resolve all matters pertaining to our way of life. The composition of the Chapter consists of the priors of our convents (we have two Priories), the outgoing vicar general, three delegates chosen by all the brothers and a brother elected from amongst the communities which are not priories.

The composition of this Chapter consists of the following brothers:

Our two priors                   

Brother Lewis Tsuro (Emaphethelweni Priory)

Brother Chaka Montanyane (Aquinas Priory, Mondeor)


Other houses                   

Brother Martin Badenhorst



Brother Stan Muyebe

Brother Dominic Chihota

Brother Myke Mware (secretary general)

Former VG Brother Sikhosiphi Mgoza


These are the decision-makers and we entrust ourselves into their hands and look forward to decisions which will give us hope for the future. Assisting them in their tasks will be Brother Mark James who will act as secretary and our two visitors, Brother Dominic Izzo, who represents the Master of the Order, and Brother Emmanuel Ntakarutimana of Burundi, both of whom will facilitate the event, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge and experience.


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011 6804611 (Community)
011 6808695 (Provincial)
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