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Why do we invite you to join us?

1e14f8bccec5c285a9f4d37247bf49e5We pray in the Our Father: “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven”. Dominicans have a special role to play in this.

The task of building God’s kingdom here in this world is varied and enormous, and the Church throughout the world needs thousands of new volunteers to join in this task. This includes priests, brothers, sisters and laity. There are many types of Dominican vocations.
In Southern Africa we need not just parish priests, but full-time people including priests, brothers and sisters who are prepared to challenge the existing way of life of our society, by promoting the Gospel values that Jesus taught. We have a vision of a new culture different from today’s culture, and we witness to it by our unusual way of life. It is the vision that Jesus had, to create a new world of justice and love and peace, which we read about in the Gospels. In other words, a world that is different from the world we live in now. Jesus’ way is the Way of Truth.

Our special role, as Dominican Friars, is to preach these alternative gospel values. We need about half-a-dozen young men to join us every year as candidate preachers, and we hope that two or three of them will make this their life-long profession. It may be that God is calling you to be one of us. Pray about it.

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If you are interested in joining us, contact us HERE

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