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by Damazio Ngoma O.P.


“Receive the Gospel of Christ whose heralds you are: Believe what you read; Teach what you believe; and Practice what you teach.”


These words are found in the rite of ordination to the diaconate. They are powerful words and at the same time quite challenging. We are Dominicans and our charisma is preaching for the salvation of souls. Preaching in the Dominican sense is holistic. It does not necessarily limit itself to the deliverance of a homily on the pulpit. One of the Dominican preaching out-reach is the promotion of the Holy Rosary. This is one of the tasks of this desk: to inform and remind the Dominican fraternity of their commitment to the Holy Rosary.


by Damazio Ngoma O.P.



In this article, we are to explore and discuss the power of the Holy Rosary particularly in the context of the theological dynamism of the local Church inAfrica.  Since the commencement of the Second Vatican Council in 1963 up to the inauguration of the famous African Synod of Bishops which took place in Rome in 1994, the Church in Africa has undergone a great deal of change. Inculturation is one of the theological dynamisms that have taken the liturgical worship to a higher level. The article will therefore explore how the devotion to the Holy Rosary and witness of the Christians is basic to this development. The call to holiness through the devotion to the Holy Rosary is the hope of the local Church inAfrica. It is one of the vehicles through which the local Church could inculturate the Christian mysteries into people’s lives.

By Damazio Ngoma O.P.


In this reflection, I will be exploring with you people of God, certain elements of the most Holy Rosary. There are at present, several Religious Congregations world-wide that have taken their names after the Holy Rosary. Vividly, many Religious Congregations and Orders in the Catholic Church have incorporated the Holy Rosary as part of their official religious habits. The Dominican Order of Preachers are an example in this regard. On a day to day basis, there are also millions of people: Catholics and non-Catholics who opt to wear the Holy Rosary as part of their ordinary daily routine code of dress. Rosaries worn are of different colours, sizes, blessed and unblessed. I am of the opinion that people have their own understanding of the Holy Rosary and therefore they might at the same time have their own personal reasons for wearing and having a devotion to the Holy Rosary. Bearing this in mind, it is my humble duty to share with the people of God the value of the Holy Rosary particularly in the economy of human salvation.

I am not surely an expert in this field rather in respect to my ministry entrusted to me by the Dominican Order of Preachers which is to be the promoter of the Holy Rosary; I feel privileged and honoured to share with wider community certain aspects of the Holy Rosary as understood in the Catholic Church.  There are several ways of doing this gracious ministry. I have all the reasons to thank the Southern Cross News-Letter to be one of the means to reach out to many Christians at a wider scenario.

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