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booksDominicans don’t only teach, they also write books and articles. Some of our brethren in South Africahave published numerous books, not to mention a large number of articles in reviews and journals as well as chapters in published collections of essays. We also write for Catholic newspapers and magazines. This too is a very important way of preaching the Gospel.

Among the most renowned of South African Dominican authors are; Fr Albert Nolan OP (left) and Br Philipe Denis OP.

Fr Nolan became famous for his 1976 book, Jesus before Christianity, in which he presented an account of Jesus' radical involvement in the struggle for full humanity in the context of first-century Palestine: he "challenged the rich to identify in solidarity with the poor, a spirituality of solidarity that resonated with white Catholics seeking a new, progressive direction" .The book was translated into nine languages, and a 15th anniversary edition appeared in the early 1990s, and was reprinted for the 5th time in 2001. 

Other books by Fr Nolan include: God in South Africa: The Challenge of the Gospel; Hope in an Age of Despair: And Other Talks and Writings.; Jesus Today: A Spirituality of Radical Freedom; The Service of the Poor and Spiritual Growth: Taking Sides; Biblical Spirituality.

denisA few years ago, Professor Philippe Denis OP was honoured at a UKZN graduation ceremony when he was made a Fellow. ‘I am very glad to join Prof Gerald West and Prof Jonathan Draper, my colleagues at the School of Religion, Philosophy and Classics, and many others in what seems to be a rather select academic club.’

An extensive list of Professor Denis' books may be downloaded HERE



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