The Dominican Family

The Order was founded by St Dominic in 1216. Dominic’s passion was to preach Truth, hence our motto VERITAS. In his day there was a lack of sound and informed teaching and preaching to counter the heresies and problems of the time. Only bishops were allowed to preach. Dominic was the first to obtain permission from the Pope to allow his brothers to preach. And so he layed great emphasis on study in order to equip themselves with what they needed to teach and preach. He lost no time in sending his brothers out two by two all over the world to teach and preach and establish communities.

This spirit has touched the hearts of many lay people who have given themselves to sharing in the Dominican charism of community life, studying together and preaching. Some are called lay Dominicans and others Associates. Together the friars, the nuns, the sisters and the laity form what is known as the Dominican family.

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